The IHE Sousse internship center guides students in their search for internships and final year projects in the various specialties. There are two types of internships. Some are included in the student's curriculum and others are undertaken at the student's initiative. The internship is carried out for a determined period of time in which the student joins a company in order to accomplish a project.


NB: A compulsory internship not carried out by the student does not allow him/her to obtain the degree prepared.

The compulsory internship in bachelor's degrees

After having successfully completed their second year, students who have followed the bachelor's degree in management science and economics must do a two-month internship in a company. This internship allows them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during their academic career. This internship is mandatory and required by the higher education institutions. It is even necessary for the validity of the training, thus, following this internship the student must establish a project with a credit of 5 and a coefficient of 2.5.

The compulsory internship in Masters

This internship is an integral part of the program of the professional master. For the student, it is an opportunity to learn, to improve in the company and to be confronted with the job market. It allows them to put their academic knowledge into practice in the service of the company. This internship counts 30 credits and lasts from 3 to 6 months. The intern must have a university project supervisor and a company internship tutor.