IHE Sousse defines itself as a modern institution with a human face

  • Created in 2003
  • Degrees of Licences and Masters
  • Adapted to the needs of the job market
  • Oriented towards Europe
  • Focused on research
  • High quality equipment, WiFi on campus
  • Close to society and the economic world, as well as the job market
  • Computer rooms equipped with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Multifunctional amphitheaters
  • Library
  • Coworking Space
  • Connected trading room
  • Real Court
  • IHES-Language Center
  • IHES-Research Center
  • Only one hour and a half from the capital and the airport of Tunis Carthage.
  • Right in the center of the city of Sousse, in the heart of the university city, 10 minutes away from the tourist area and the sea.
  • Using English, French, Arabic
  • Bilingual courses (generally French/English or French/Arabic) as well as courses taught entirely in English
  • Students from more than 20 countries
  • Highly qualified academic and administrative staff
  • Language courses for students and staff
  • Cooperating with international networks
  • The possibility of study abroad internships
  • Agreements signed/concluded for student exchange and research collaborations with public and private universities
  • Partnerships with major companies influential in the Tunisian economy

Located on the first floor of our Campus, our restaurant welcomes students and administrative staff from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

Meals, grilled meats, salads, various coffees, drinks, etc., our refreshment bar offers varied menus at affordable prices, adapted to your situation.

Outside of set-up, service and clean-up hours, our refreshment bar becomes a place for students to work and socialize. Sockets and a Wifi Internet access are at their disposal.

In order to complete this offer, our refreshment center offers game areas for entertainment.

The IHE Sousse puts at your disposal:

  •  A listening and support unit for all students registered at the school.
  • An orientation cell for current and future bachelors.

The main missions of our cells :

  • Overcome situations of stress and educational disorders
  • Minimize the impact of choice and orientation disorders
  • Overcome learning difficulties
  • Adapt and integrate the changing environment
  • Make the right choices that promote your skills
  • Provide the appropriate answers to all your concerns

Our prerogatives and fields of intervention :

  • Listen to students and graduates collectively and individually
  • To inform students and graduates and to promote transparency in the educational and academic process
  • Advise students and bachelors and improve the way they are supervised
  • To support students and graduates during national exams and competitions

Our cells are composed of:

  • Psychologists;
  • Qualified executives;
  • University teachers
  • Pedagogical experts;
  • Experts in university orientation.