After obtaining my Baccalaureate, my choice was evident, the Bachelor in Management Sciences at IHE SOUSSE because the proposed course allows me to establish my professional project. I always wanted to make a good career in business and studying at IHE SOUSSE was a golden opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in Commerce and Marketing in France at the University of the Littoral Coast of Opal in Dunkerque and to be recruited as a Marketplace and E-commerce Assistant in Annecy. For me, it was a dream that became a reality.

Nadia Sassi [Marketplace and E-commerce assistant for France and Europe]

Nadia Sassi [Assistante Marketplace et E-commerce sur la France et l'Europe]

Studying at IHE Sousse allowed me to acquire essential knowledge in the field of business. This training also allowed me to develop soft skills to reach my goals.

Firas Naouar, 3rd year Bachelor in Finance

The advantage of IHE Sousse is that it perfectly combines theory and practice. Indeed, thanks to my internships, I gained a lot of self-confidence while having quality business and marketing courses.

Nader Barhoumi, 3rd year Bachelor in Marketing

IHE Sousse - Nader Barhoumi, 3ème année Licence en Marketing
IHE Sousse - Amr Magdoud, Master 2 Ingénierie Financière

By integrating IHE Sousse, I discovered what I was capable of. Thanks to the diversity of the courses and the internships in companies, I have accelerated my integration into the professional world.

Amr Magdoud, Master 2 Financial Engineering

IHE Sousse is for me the perfect crossroads between professional experience and the valorization of a university curriculum. I encourage you to live an experience and to come and discover the IHES family.

Ons Mansour, Master 2 Business Administration

IHE Sousse - Ons Mansour, Master 2 Administration des Affaires
IHE Sousse - Nizar Sbaa, 3ème année Droit Privé

I found myself, beyond what I could have imagined. So much that I feel proud today to have chosen IHE Sousse.

Nizar Sbaa, 3rd year Private Law