The present IHE internal regulations must be read and known by all students and staff who use the premises of the establishment in order to apply its rules.


Students must attend all courses organized within the framework of their degree and their attendance must be controlled.
Any significant delay or partial attendance is considered as an absence.
The precise justification for an absence must be presented and filed with the relevant pedagogical secretariat.
After three absences, the pedagogical jury of the course will decide on the consequences of the student's failure to comply with this attendance obligation.


A teacher may exclude a student from a class if he/she disrupts the course. This temporary exclusion is then considered as an unexcused absence. In addition, any breach of this rule of respect towards the teacher and fellow students may be dealt with according to the procedure in force.
Cell phones must be turned off during class or they will be excluded. A student who uses his or her laptop for purposes other than taking notes may be excluded from the course. The lecturer may refer the matter to the IHE disciplinary committee in the event of proven incivility on the part of the student. The teacher may authorize the use of certain types of electronic equipment, under his responsibility, in the context of his course or for the purpose of testing knowledge.


Plagiarism, i.e. the borrowing of phrases, formulas and results attributable to an author without the author mentioning their origin, will be considered as fraud. Plagiarism will be penalized during the continuous assessment tests and will be subject to disciplinary proceedings if it is perpetuated in a thesis.

Examination regulations

The examination rules are available to all students on the IHE website. During the examination sessions, these rules must be strictly respected by the students.


In case of fraud committed during registration or during an examination, a disciplinary commission of the IHE may take the sanctions provided for by the legislation in force.
The IHE management reserves the right, depending on the seriousness of the offence, to pronounce an immediate sanction or to refer the matter to the Institute's disciplinary committee, which may decide on one of the following sanctions

  • Warning 
  • Reprimand  
  • Exclusion from the establishment

Teaching equipment

The equipment provided by the IHE (video projectors, laptops...) is exclusively reserved for the use of teachers.
This equipment cannot be borrowed by students for personal use.

Computer equipment

The use of computer equipment provided by the IHE, both for teaching and administrative purposes, must comply in all respects with the Institute's computer charter. During classes, the teacher reserves the right to prohibit the use of computers. Failure to comply with this directive may result in the student's exclusion from the course.

The following are strictly forbidden :

  • the use, in the classrooms, of the teacher's chair station;
  • the installation of personal software
  • hacking software;
  • customization of workstations.

It is reminded that the computer equipment must be used only for educational purposes and that all parties involved must take care of it and that the proximity of beverages or any other form of food is strictly forbidden in the rooms.
The installations must not be modified, and broken connections must be put back in place. Any malfunctioning must be immediately reported to the IT department.

Leaflets and exhibitions

The distribution of leaflets, notices or announcements can only be authorized after the opinion of the Director of IHE. In any case, the distribution of these documents must not disturb public order or teaching and research activities. Similarly, the form and content of the said documents must not be sexist, offensive, religious, political or damaging to the reputation of any individual or legal entity.


The IHE provides staff and student associations with posting areas on panels officially reserved for this purpose. Any posting outside the designated areas is forbidden. Damage resulting from unauthorized posting will result in sanctions against the authors concerned.


Associations wishing to have their headquarters at the IHE must apply to the Director of the IHE, who may refuse :

  • if the object of the association is unrelated to the institution or has a union, political or religious connotation or is likely to disturb public order,
  • if the association is open to members other than IHE staff or students
  • if the statutes and the person in charge of the association are not clearly identified.

Associations domiciled at the IHE must communicate their statutes and report on their activities once a year to the Council of the institution. If these conditions are not met, the association concerned may have its authorization to be domiciled at the institution withdrawn. Associations may obtain premises to organize meetings or events provided that they have previously requested authorization from the IHE management. Requests must be made in writing.

Instructions and safety

The educational community and the students must comply with the safety and evacuation instructions given by the authorized personnel and indicated on the "safety" signs located in the premises and corridors of the establishment. Evacuation drills are carried out during the year and are compulsory for all IHE users.
The IHE is not responsible for any theft that may be committed on its premises. It is necessary to take out a civil liability insurance policy and to provide proof of it when registering.

Respect and cleanliness of the premises

Staff and students, as well as external persons authorized to use the school premises, must observe the usual rules of use and cleanliness of the rooms and equipment provided. Access to the premises is forbidden to persons not involved in the teaching and to students not enrolled in the school, unless specifically authorized.
It is forbidden to eat or drink in the classrooms, on the balconies and internal patios. Wild" posters on walls, doors and windows, whatever their nature and origin, are strictly forbidden. Damage to the premises or materials will result in disciplinary action.


Students must always be properly dressed. They must adopt an attitude that does not disrupt the teaching process, especially when waiting in front of the rooms where a lesson is being given before their time slot.

No smoking, conventional or electronic cigarettes

It is forbidden to smoke in the whole building, the corridors and the internal patios of the IHE.