A1: IHE Sousse is accredited by the state and our diplomas are equivalent to those of any public institution.

A2: Our educational programs are adapted to the needs of companies. According to a recent study made in 2021, our employability rate is 93%.

A3: A foreign student can enroll at IHE Sousse in the same way as a Tunisian student as long as he/she meets the admission requirements set by our institution.

  • A balanced program, renowned and open to the international scene
  • An innovative educational model
  • Programs with high employability potential
  • Zeta HUB: The first incubator in the Sahel region
  • Startups and entrepreneurial spirit
  • A rich network of partner companies
  • Digitalization and integration into the digital world
  • A modern, well-equipped and secure space
  • IHE Sousse more than a school, a family spirit!