License 1st Year

Registration is open to holders of a baccalaureate. Successful completion of the entrance exam is required.

2nd Year

Registration is based on a file and is open to students who have successfully completed the first year of a Bachelor's degree (L1). Successful completion of the entrance exam is required.

Master 1st Year

Registration is open to holders of a Bachelor's degree (L3 and above). Successful completion of the entrance exam is required.

Each candidate can register online or on site. Applications can be submitted directly to the school or sent by email.
Admission to IHE Sousse is exclusively by competitive examination.
The stages of the competition are as follows:

  1. Evaluation of the candidate's file,
  2. Language tests,
  3. General knowledge and logic test,
  4. An individual motivation interview before a jury.

Candidates will be given a date to attend the presentation of the institution and the description of their chosen course (bachelor's or master's degree) and to take the competitive entrance exam to IHES.
A mark will be given to each candidate who has passed all the stages of the competitive examination.

If the candidate obtains a mark higher than the "IHES SCORE", he or she will be included in the list of those eligible. He/she will then be able to begin the application process and provide the admissions department with all the required documents.
In order to optimize your chances of success, each applicant may practice by taking the online mock exam.

The Admission Jury proceeds to the classification of the candidates according to the number of places offered for each course. The results will be communicated by e-mail to the candidates and posted at the IHES.

The documents to be provided are the following:

  1. An application form and a welcome form duly completed in capital letters.
  2. A civil status form or birth certificate.
  3. 4 passport photos.
  4. 4 stamped envelopes bearing the address of the applicant's parents.
  5. Photocopies of diplomas obtained BAC, etc.. (must be certified).
  6. Transcripts of all years of study and/or exams taken since the baccalaureate.
  7. A copy of the C.I.N. or passport (for foreigners).
  8. A medical certificate.
1st session From July 01
to July 20
From July 21st
to July 31
August 1st
2nd session From August 01
to August 20
From August 21st
to August 31
1 September